Service to Clients

Fitter For Life has no other reason to exist other than provide preventative healthcare services to its clients.

We are a collaborative organisation founded by leading preventative healthcare professionals. All colleagues are of a similar high calibre, with long and outstanding experience both behind and ahead of them. All our personal values are aligned with our organisation’s. We all seek to be as knowledgeable and capable in our professional fields as we can. We are continuous learners and improvers. We are open, emotionally intelligent people who respect others as individuals and embrace and value diversity for all its richness.  We work with the overriding aim of supporting clients achieve their potential for lifelong strong health and wellbeing.

Clients can expect us to use our very best endeavours to provide services to them that are informed by continuous dialogue with them about their evolving wellbeing goals and their experience with us.

Clients’ wellbeing being the focus of our business we pay great attention to client safety, which is itself a fundamental principle of preventative healthcare. In situations that are new to clients we will ensure that they are fully informed of the safety matters involved.

The privacy and security of your personal data and information is fundamentally important to you and us. As healthcare professionals we fully accept the principles of the modern medical professional code. 

During our “live” online activities we seek to respond to clients’ issues immediately. In administrative matters, we seek to respond during the same working day to issues arising.

A fundamental part of Fitter For Life’s client services is social contact. We structure our services so that we provide a place for people to meet and spend time together, extending old and making new friendships, encouraging and supporting one another in a friendly, highly constructive and encouraging place to be. Just like our coaches, we want all our clients to feel this really is a place “I want to be part of”.

We will continuously seek to improve our service and our individual and collective capabilities. Part of achieving this is being very open to clients’ feedback. We will regularly enquire of clients their views of our service and ideas for its improvement.

As with our staff, so with our clients. Providing excellent services is a collaborative venture. We endeavour to make our service the very best it can be. We very much hope that supports you, our clients, to achieve the full potential of your own health and wellbeing

Clarity in Client Relationships.

Our organisational values include openness, lifelong learning, continuous improvement and on-going development of personal emotional intelligence through life’s experiences. We will always wish to be open and sensitive in our relationships with clients. Under we state, to be wholly clear, the nature of Fitter For Life’s relationship with clients when  delivering its services:

FitterForLife services are focused on the maintenance, strengthening and retention of clients’ health and wellbeing. We are not engaged in medical services and neither our formative qualifications nor our subsequent professional  experiences permit us to undertake any form of medical service. Clients’ wellbeing and safety are a primary focus of our client services. When we consider any client should seek professional medical advice in relation to using our services, we will discuss the matters involved confidentially with them. All activities carry some degree of risk. We work with all clients to develop a clear understanding of the risks associated within our programmes and how they are mitigated. Clients can remove most risks by: following our guidance; using their knowledge of their own physiological wellbeing; being fully aware of the environment within which they find themselves; effectively using their personal judgment.  

Our programmes are made available to clients on the basis of the information they share with us. We expect clients to tell us, in utmost confidentiality, all relevant information to allow us to understand and define both suitable services for them and the inherent risks when offering the services.