Staff Wellbeing Support

Our services supporting individual employees’ wellbeing have a focus on achieving enduring improvement, clients’ becoming increasingly able and independent in influencing and guiding their own health and strengthening wellbeing.

Our Tailored Programmes involve instruction in wellbeing principles and science as well as coaching in the practice of exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery. Learning also covers the design of personal activities to facilitate on-going commitment, adherence and progression.

As individual employees have highly varied health levels, understandings of personal wellbeing and our ability to influence it, our leading practitioners tailor the design of each programme to support their clients progressively and lastingly improve their wellbeing and resilience. At the same time clients develop the knowledge and confidence to permanently influence their own health conditioning. Our programme tailoring to each client situation recognises that geography, nature of activities, business pressures and priorities and workforce demography have strong impacts on how people will most effectively engage and benefit from wellbeing coaching.

Our coaching services support people in good health gain deeper understanding of strengthening their wellbeing as well as supporting people with current health influencing issues. Some of these will cause immediate changes and disruptions to lifestyles and staffing – cancer, childbearing, musculo-skeletal, mental health – and some impacts are longer and slower and / or at times unpredictable – physiological decline, nutrition improvements, rest and recovery, diabetes, obesity, menopause, rhuematism, sedentary lifestyle.

The Programmes are led by top decile physiologists and preventative healthcare practitioners. Sessions are usually online, often in groups of 8-12 people. Some with more specific needs may be in smaller groups, or one-to-one. In person sessions can be arranged if more suitable to a client’s need. All online sessions are recorded, respecting client privacy, for repeated usage. Leaders guide client progression throughout a Programme.   

You can expect our work to be a positive influence, inter alia, on employees’ sentiment and attitudes, energy level, improving absence record, retention, recruitment, commitment and employer brand.