Services for Individuals

Discover the healthiest you.

We support people to improve their wellbeing by developing their understanding, self-reliance, self-confidence & fitness level.

Join us – to confidently understand how to be healthy and biologically younger

Each of our courses has its own dedicated online group area where you will find access to our Zoom sessions guided by leading preventative healthcare professionals. You’ll be able to build new friendships with people with similar health experiences and aims. As well as join in group discussions, share photos, view course and other materials, whilst learning and sharing knowledge and experiences with your guide and fellow course members.

Joining a group of people with a common purpose provides shared experiences, understanding, support, encouragement and new friendships.

An agreement with a pal to meet and exercise together is one powerful way of providing strong motivation to exercise and achieve things together. Joining us you’ll find many others.

Enjoy our courses in the comfort of your own home, in the garden or in the park – anywhere with internet access.