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Musculo-skeletal atrophy and pain affects around one in six people in the U.K. Its effects lead to nearly a quarter of a million joint replacement operations each year. Contrary to commonly held views, and wholly realistic fears of people newly experiencing these conditions, exercise offers important opportunities of improving the situation for everybody with any level and form of musculo-skeletal condition. For the majority not needing or contemplating surgery, mobilising and strengthening muscularity and joints will reduce pain levels. For those contemplating or awaiting surgery, regular exercise before and after surgery will contribute to better clinical and rehabilitation experiences.

As with all our courses, our musculo-skeletal  (msk) services see clients developing knowledge and skills to increasingly influence their health and its on-going improvement. Activities will focus on strengthening pain-giving joints, whilst at the same time  progressively building their allround physical activities, strength, stamina, balance, coordination and self-confidence. They are suitable for anybody suffering msk problems, be they heavily restricted in their movements or mildly impacted.

Our individual msk courses, at two levels, are adapted to respond to the needs of individual client groups.

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