Health Improvers


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Health Improvers is a Programme of four courses for people who wish to become more active and have increasing influence over their health and wellbeing. It is possible for anybody, whatever their age or current health status, to progressively develop their capacity to improve their levels of health and fitness. Health Improvers as a programme offers that opportunity. No matter what your current knowledge and capability of influencing and strengthening your own health our Health Improvers programme can guide you to progressively develop your own wellbeing and fitness. The Programme’s four phases are designed in sequence so that people can progressively and increasingly build knowledge, capability, confidence and activity, to improve and influence the quality and duration of their wellbeing and life.

The programme lead on Health Improvers is Colin Tuckwell.  Mari-Anne and David also lead some courses.

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Beginners, Progressers, Persisters, On Getting Younger