Beating Obesity


Beating Obesity is a 12 week course for people with limited knowledge and experience of exercising and who wish to become more active to achieve reductions in their weight and fat tissue. The course is designed as the initial, most significant step for people with limited knowledge and experience of influencing their health and wellbeing to develop the knowledge and capability of doing so.



Clients will develop an understanding of obesity, and associated comorbidities, their associated health risks and how to reduce and avoid them. Our coaches will guide clients in achieving health and wellbeing improvements through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. In doing this they will support clients developing decision-making capability to achieve, retain and extend health improvements. As with all our courses the friendly atmosphere and social contact with peers generates enjoyment, fun, new friendships and interest in shared experiences and each others’ achievements.

Essential objectives of all clients are to understand how to become more active safely and effectively, and how to lose weight and reduce body fat tissue. The twelve week course has three phases of four weeks. Before each phase there is an individual consultation with your coach to share your personal aims and confirm your current physical conditioning.

The first four weeks will focus on understanding obesity, commonly found comorbidities, their negative effects on our health and how to effectively safeguard against them whilst improving wellbeing. Initial appreciation of dietary impact and your improvement options is also part of this course stage. Exercising starts here with foundation activities covering breathing, flexibility, posture awareness, balance, coordination and exercise technique. These are the fundamentals for everybody during their exercising, however experienced they are. Your coach will ensure you start with excellent foundations upon which to continue building your experience and achievements.

The second stage of the course continues the development of your knowledge of wellbeing, its improvement and your evolving ability to make effective decisions to achieve your health goals.

The last four sessions of the course focus on “conditioning”. You will be ready for longer and more frequent exercising by this time. Consequently the improvements to your health you started to notice during weeks 4 to 8 will now quicken.

Diet and nutrition continue to be central to the course, too. At the course end you will be very aware of the important elements of achieving and maintaining your wellbeing aims, in practice and the associated “theory”. You will be very significantly more active and can expect to have lost in the region of one stone / seven kilos in weight. Your self-confidence will be significantly higher, securely grounded on your new knowledge, achievements, improved mood and feeling a lot healthier. You will almost certainly want to build upon your achievements. Your coach will look forward to discussing your further aims and the best options for achieving them. This free end of course consultation is reward for completing the 12-week course.

Throughout those twelve weeks, social contact with your peers in the online members group will offer shared enjoyment, fun, new friendships and interest in each others’ experiences and achievements.

Course leader is David Kirkman

The twelve sessions are over twelve weeks. After signing-up, your personal consultation with a coach will last approximately 25-30 minutes. The consultation costs £12, and you will confirm together that Beating Obesity is the course  best suits your personal aims and current health level. The course costs £90 for the twelve sessions and gives access to all our members’ materials and services including previous sessions’ recordings, our health and wellbeing archive and social groups.