James Matthews

Specialist Coach

I’m James and I’ve worked in preventative healthcare for nearly twenty years as a personal trainer and lecturer at one the UK’s leading sports science universities. I’ve also worked as a healthcare adviser, informing the public on their health and wellbeing.

My journey as a healthcare professional started with a sports science degree at Bristol University. I have worked with clients of all ages and with greatly varied health statuses, being qualified to work with people with a wide range of chronic health conditions. I am a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach, and have led organisations’ teams of preventative healthcare professionals. I greatly enjoy designing and delivering healthcare courses, and get a great deal of pleasure and reward from seeing clients make strong progress in achieving health improvements.

Organisations I have worked with include leading sports science universities, hotel and leisure groups, exercise referral programmes and public health organisations. Clients see me as a warm, engaging, open and highly supportive coach. My greatest motivation and reward is to share my knowledge and experience with clients to support them improve their wellbeing and achieve their health and fitness goals.