Our coaches

Our guides are among the best healthcare practitioners in their fields.

Our coaches are the very essence of Fitter For Life. They are all outstanding professionals, among the very best in their fields. They are inspired by working with clients to support and encourage them to continuously improve their health and wellbeing. The relationship client to coach is very much a two-way, win-win interaction. By sharing knowledge and guidance in a wholly empathetic and encouraging way, coaches find huge satisfaction and inspiration in clients making progress that is usually well beyond what they, the client, has ever expected. 

Our coaches know at the outset that you already know more about your own body and wellbeing than anybody else. By getting to know you well too, they can guide and support you to become your own best health guide.

Our organisation’s ethos of client empowerment, collaboration, continuous improvement and seeking and sharing seminal knowledge facilitates a highly effective working relationship between our coaches and clients intent on improving their wellbeing.

 Below you will find some background on our coaches and guides:

Our Coaches & Guides


leads Diabetes and Beating Obesity courses


leads Pilates, Musculo-skeletal and Pre and Post Joint Operations courses

Jayne B

leading the design and development of our services for “Heart Health”; “New Mums - Pre- & Post- Natal” and clients with Neurological conditions


leads Health Improvers and Younger & Stronger courses

Jayne C