We are pleased to offer our range of courses in three formats:

  • Regular live groups led by one of our coaches
  • On a live one-to-one or one-to-two basis with a coach
  • Through self-directed learning where our coaches will guide you to use our course recorded videos during your own time. You will have access to the full range of course materials, the relevant recorded sessions and review consultations with a coach. Not all of our courses are offered in this format.

We hope you enjoy looking at the individual courses. In considering what best suits you, do not be overly concerned about making “the right choice”. Our coaches will ensure you find the course that best suits you and your aims during the initial signing-up consultation.  

Our course Groups will usually consist of between six and ten people depending on the level of individual attention any group will be requiring throughout a session. We have an absolute limit of twelve for our groups. 

 All Fitter For Life activities are structured to encourage social contact with fellow group members, offering new friendships, mutual encouragement and support, shared experiences, enjoyment and chat. At the end of every session we offer a twenty minutes Group on-line “coffee corner” to all course participants.

We also put strong emphasis in our wellbeing programmes on gentle, persistent, client appropriate progression of physical activity. All clients completing a course are offered a free consultation with a coach to discuss their further interests and activities in further strengthening their health and wellbeing.

People without Health Conditions

Health Improvers

Health Improvers is a Programme of four courses for people who wish to become more active and have increasing and continuing influence over their health and wellbeing.  It is possible for anybody, whatever their age or current health status, to progressively develop their capacity to improve their levels of wellbeing and fitness. Health Improvers as a programme offers that opportunity whatever your previous experience of having influence on your own health and wellbeing . 

Younger & Stronger

People are living increasingly longer but, on average for people of both genders, the later years are with significant and increasing years of poor health. Very active seniors’ experience and leading research indicates that does not have to be an accepted norm of modern societies. It is a very real possibility for most people to continuously improve their level of wellbeing and reduce their biological age into later life.

People with chronic health conditions

Beating obesity

Modern lifestyles have led to populations in many countries jeopardising their health and wellbeing through accumulating very significant levels of excess body fat. It is quite possible for people to reverse the ever increasing dangers of excess weight and fat tissue. Supportive  guidance is likely to be necessary for many people in doing this. 

Beating Obesity is a 12 week course for people with limited knowledge and experience of exercising and who wish to become more active to achieve reductions in their weight and fat tissue. 


Type 2 diabetes is an insidious medical condition that generally evolves through life, with higher incidence within the community as we age. If undiagnosed and untreated it can have life impacting and life threatening consequences. Experience and research both repeatedly confirm the condition can be controlled and very significantly improved.

The Diabetes Programme is a set of three courses for people who have been diagnosed with Type2 or pre-Type2 Diabetes to support them significantly improve the condition as well as their overall health and wellbeing.


Musculo-skeletal atrophy and pain affects around one in six people in the U.K. Its effects lead to nearly a quarter of a million joint replacement operations each year. Contrary to commonly held views, and wholly realistic fears of people newly experiencing these conditions, exercise offers important opportunities of improving the situation for everybody with any level and form of musculo-skeletal condition.

Disruptive Events

Pre- and Post Joint Replacement

Our pre- and post-joint operation courses are to support clients during the time they are preparing for joint surgery and during  rehabilitation.

Pre- and Post Natal

Pregnancy brings on-going changes in a mother and her family’s lifestyles and to her hormonal, skeletal and bodily capability. Understanding how to effectively adapt physical activity and nutrition to support pre- and early post-natal living provide effective physiological and psychological support to a successful birth and enlarged family.

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