Organisational Services

From our long experience as organisational leaders and mentors Fitter For Life understands the deep interconnection between an organisation’s internal environment, its performance and staff wellbeing. All organisations have impacts – both positive and negative –  on people’s health and wellbeing. These influence individuals’ and teams’ capacity and motivation to contribute and perform within the organisation. These influences also feed into people’s private lives, accentuating the impact at work.

We support a continuing improvement in organisational coherence and alignment as part of strengthening wellbeing and resilience for client organisations and their staff. This is fundamental to any entity’s enduring development and performance improvement. It requires effective facilitation and leadership.

We guide leaders and staff in understanding their organisation as a wellbeing environment. Analysing the current situation, its impact on corporate and individual health, resilience and performance; agreeing, designing and guiding changes that then deliver permanent improvements for the organisation and its people; whilst training and guiding clients’ functional staff in developing an organisation’s wellbeing environment and its support activities.

Wellbeing Programmes – Early Steps

Where are we?


Deciding priorities; Planning & Implementing Improvement Changes

Organisational Development


Individual Employee Wellbeing Support & Development

As each organisation is necessarily distinct, wellbeing improvements need to be a coherent part of overall organisational development. Our approach is to partner with a client’s Wellbeing leaders to determine the most effective and beneficial approach to evolve organisational and staff healthiness and resilience.

Our services recognise that for some organisations and staff initial steps towards greater wellbeing will require experienced guidance and support to facilitate new learning and essential commitments to change. That frequently disruptive events additionally demand specialist wellbeing support. 

As organisations vary greatly in their Wellbeing knowledge, experience and capability our services are designed as modular components that can be deployed separately or in combination, tailored to a client’s wider corporate goals and initiatives.