An initial 12 sessions course lasting six weeks that ensures clients have up-to-date knowledge of health and wellbeing fundamentals covering nutrition, exercising, rest and recovery, physiology, extending healthspans and the various interdependencies of these fundamental elements of wellbeing. The initial sessions will be devoted to formative information and establishing exercise technique and routines. Later sessions are predominantly active with recommended post-session activities to increase the pace of progress. By the end of the course clients will have made noticeable improvements in their own sense of wellbeing and fitness. They will have mastered a wide range of activity techniques important for their continuing progression, and have a good sense of the interests and goals they wish to pursue in continuing to strengthen their health and physiology. They will have increased self-confidence and be capable of a significant level of effective decision-making to secure their life-long wellbeing. They will have made new friendships and shared encouragement and experiences with their course peers.