New Perspectives – is designed for people with a good basic understanding of how to influence their own wellbeing and who now wish to make strong strides in establishing a significantly higher level of fitness, vitality and wellbeing knowledge. It is a twenty session course lasting ten weeks that builds on the initial “Explorers” course or similar levels of knowledge and experience. We tailor the course activities to the goals of the clients participating. A goal all participants will have in common is to significantly build up strength and endurance. Building on the “Explorers” course, the early sessions increase the range and intensity of exercising whilst also sharing new knowledge relating to nutrition, exercise training, resting, recovery and rehabilitation. The second half of the programme is largely devoted to a formal, goals oriented training programme, which our coaches support clients to part design for themselves. During this time clients will be embracing new knowledge and experience of what health and fitness improvements can be achieved throughout life, whatever age they are currently.
Their decision-making capability in influencing their wellbeing will be very significantly increased by the course end. So too their self-confidence and realisation of the scale of improvements they are able to achieve in both their cardiovascular performance and muscular strength over the ten weeks of the course.