Younger Still – is for people who have completed the New Perspectives course and now wish to experience the extent of their potential in understanding, guiding and improving their own wellbeing and fitness. This is a twenty-six session, formalised training programme over three months tailored to the goals of participating clients. Clients will work with their coach in defining the detail of their own course activity. Clients will learn further about ensuring their own wellbeing at levels of fitness that reflect their personal potential.

Achievements for many clients will be beyond what they would have considered possible during any earlier physical activity. Their “Younger Still” activity will include significant levels of training outside the course sessions. Clients can expect up to a doubling of their cardiovascular capability and up to a 50% improvement in their muscular strength during the course, depending upon their individual goals. Clients may wish to train for specific skills improvements, activities or, if of interest to them, competitive events. At the end of the course clients will have a very high degree of confidence and decision-making capability in maintaining their levels of wellbeing and fitness at elevated levels.