Clients on the Persisters course have a strong understanding of the most significant ways in which they can positively influence their own health and well-being. They have an evolving confidence in making decisions relating to shaping improved health.

The course is for people who have completed the Progressers course or have a similar level of knowledge and capability. Participants’ bodies and level of knowledge are now able to support more intense activity and challenge. With clients’ evolving interests likely to be somewhat varied given their good level of fitness, we tailor each course to reflect the group member’s individual aims. A motivation in common will be a desire to adopt improving their health and wellbeing as an integral part of their daily lives.

The twenty session, ten-week course will see clients strengthen their wellbeing by very significant degrees. At the course end clients can expect to have strongly increased health, fitness and self-confidence, comfortable in making important decisions about how to ensure continuing improvements in their wellbeing, in both the short- and long-run. Participants can expect cardiovascular improvements of up to 50% and muscular strength improvements of up to 25% over the ten weeks of the course.

During the second half of the course clients will be guided in designing activities that will best support their on-going progress in their own interest areas. Peer support and friendship, as for all our courses, remains an important part of clients’ enjoyment and experience.