…..is a twenty six session course that enables clients to explore further avenues and possibilities for extending their health and fitness. At the same time they will be making strong strides in establishing a significantly higher level of fitness, vitality and knowledge of wellbeing improvement. Clients will start with a thorough understanding of how to maintain their wellbeing at a high level. On Getting Younger, builds upon this knowledge, obtained through the Persisters course or equivalent experience, and guides clients to develop very high levels of fitness: particularly focused on activities clients wish to continue pursuing. The course activities, therefore, are tailored to the goals of participating clients, who are actively involved in their design. Course content covers new knowledge on nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation important at the activity intensity levels clients are now achieving. The course is open to clients of all ages, who will be embracing new knowledge and experience of the strong improvements in health and fitness they are able to achieve throughout life. Such that, whatever age they are currently, they can make reductions in their biological age by achieving much more of their fitness potential. And with it, really inspiring and enduring improvements in vitality, self-confidence and all round wellbeing.

Clients’ ability to further influence their physical conditioning and the range of their related decision-making capability is also very significantly extended. Clients’ motivations to achieve new challenges are mutually reinforced within the course peer group by appreciating one another’s outstanding, ongoing achievements.