For people now very aware, through knowledge and experience, of the essential elements in addressing their diabetes condition, this 10 week, twenty session course will see clients strengthen their health by very significant degrees. Most people joining this course will have completed the Progressers course, their bodies now able to be more intensely active and challenged. “Persisters” enables clients to ingrain their evolving skills and experiences into their lifestyle. Clients will achieve very significant further improvements to their overall wellbeing, self-confidence and their diabetes symptoms. New knowledge on influencing their personal wellbeing will reinforce these achievements. We guide and encourage clients in setting and meeting personal goals appropriate to their widening potential and interests. We expect all clients completing this course to be very self-confident in their improved health and their decision-making to support its on-going retention and progression.

During the Persisters course clients will have heightened awareness of peers’ health improvements as well as their own. This leads to deepening friendships and shared pleasure and confidence within the group.