Wellbeing Organisation Development

All enterprises have impacts – both positive and negative –  on people’s health and wellbeing, and consequently their capacity to contribute and perform within the organisation. These influences, clearly, feed into people’s private lives, accentuating the impact at work.

We guide leaders and staff in understanding their organisation as a wellbeing environment. Analysing the current situation, its impact on corporate and individual health, resilience and performance; designing and guiding changes that then deliver permanent improvements for the organisation and its people; whilst training and guiding clients’ staff in developing an organisation’s wellbeing environment and its support activities.

Outcomes from our work:

  • “ As Is” – understanding your Organisation’s and Employees current wellbeing position
  • Indications of your workforce’s evolving wellbeing changes
  • “Improvement Impact” – defining opportunities for Wellbeing improvements and their Impact priority
  • ROI – Indicative Return on Investment and Payback periods for Wellbeing Improvements