Employees’ Wellbeing Coaching

Individual employees have highly varied understanding of their personal wellbeing and how they can with increasing confidence progressively influence its strengthening. Our leading practitioners design and guide programmes that support people to progressively and lastingly improve their health, wellbeing and resilience, whilst developing the knowledge and confidence to permanently influence their own health conditioning. Our wellbeing coaching is tailored to each client organisation’s situation recognising that geography, nature of activities, operating pressures and priorities and workforce demography have strong impacts on how people will most effectively engage and benefit from wellbeing coaching.

Our coaching services respond to wellbeing issues that can cause disruptions to staffing – cancer, childbearing, musculo-skeletal, mental health – and those where impacts may have longer gestations – physiological decline, nutrition needs, rest and recovery, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle.

Our wellbeing coaching is delivered through various media to teams, groups and individuals using – live and recorded digital channels, in-person  and blending these formats.

Outcomes from our work:

  • Enduring improvements in individual employee wellbeing, including for those experiencing acute and chronic health issues
  • Enhanced employee knowledge and capability to influence their own wellbeing and resilience
  • Improved employee resilience and performance

We would also expect our work to be seen as a positive influence, inter alia, on employees’ sentiment and attitudes, improving absence, retention, recruitment, commitment and employer brand.