Corporate Services

Fitter for Life partners with organisations to support the wellbeing of their staff

Today, a wide range of poor lifestyle behaviours, including poor nutrition, lack of sleep and low levels of physical activity are affecting employee wellbeing.

In the changing world of work, employers are uniquely positioned to encourage and improve the health and general wellbeing of the workforce. In a recent article by McKinsey it is suggested that to truly build a more resilient workforce and rebuild the economy is 2021 and beyond, employers should prioritise wellbeing, which is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. 

Companies participating in wellbeing programmes experience a high return on in-vestment due to increased work productivity, innovation, competitive advantage and decreased costs associated with sickness and absenteeism.
Fitter for Life, combines the skills of leading preventative healthcare professionals with highly experienced business leaders and mentors.

Working collaboratively with research partners providing modern data analytics we are able to help corporate clients develop a deeper understanding of the health pro-file of their workforce. Using this data and insight we can then co-design with clients a programme of preventive healthcare solutions, providing support that it targeted, evidence-based and fully respects confidentialities and existing relationships.

By partnering with outstanding preventative healthcare professionals we are able to support individuals and groups develop strong improvements to their wellbeing and physiology, whatever their immediate health status or perceived barriers.

As with our solutions for individuals, our range of corporate services are available in three formats:
* groups of up to twelve
* individual coaching
* guided self-directed activity
Wellbeing and resilience programmes invariably lead to fit, active and productive employees. To start the journey and to further discuss how we might help your organisation please contact Jayne Carrington m: 44 (0) 7768 740755 / e-m or Colin Tuckwell m: 44 (0) 7899 763100/ e-m:

Corporate Services team :

Jayne Carrington – Jayne has over 30 years’ work expertise to draw on within the field of corporate health and wellbeing and she advises corporate clients and affinity groups on the design and delivery of preventative healthcare programmes containing measurement and action planning that align to the business goals. These interventions will also have a positive impact on client organisations’ culture, ethos and productivity, as well as brand, corporate reputation and resilience.

Charles Fair – Charles works with organisations to research their staff’s wellbeing and health related issues. In doing this he has long experience in working with evolving leading instruments of the day. Charles also advises clients, in conjunction with Fitter For Life colleagues, on the design and delivery of their response initiatives to his research findings in ways that will support and leverage the achievement of their overall commercial objectives.

Colin Tuckwell – Colin is a highly experienced senior executive, business adviser and mentor specialising in strategic, organisational and leadership development. His work within our corporate services team focuses on supporting senior teams develop and implement responses to organisational issues that may be negatively impacting staff wellbeing in the workplace. He currently works as an entrepreneur and business leader developing organisations with very distinct market offerings and positioning, as well as a mentor to organisations’ leadership teams and individual executives. During 2021 he is acting as the coordinating executive of Fitter For Life.