Corporate Services

Fitter For Life understands that health, wellbeing and resilience levels impact on organisational performance, short and longer term, in multiple ways. Indeed, organisations are human bio-spheres.

Major wellbeing influences upon organisational and employees wellbeing, effectiveness and on-going people management include: 

  • Market and wider environmental uncertainty and disruption
  • Clarity, understanding, commitment and alignment within the organisation to its Purpose and on-going strategies
  • Values and culture, their level of explicitness and authenticity and alignment with employee’s personal values 
  • Organisational structure, operating processes and management style and capability
  • Market competitiveness and positioning, skills availability and “war for talent” and “employer brand”
  • Employee sentiment and retention, skills demographic, absences and associated costs
  • The inter-connection between people’s work and private lives; work-live balance; and sudden, disruptive events.

Organisations that are most aware and able to influence the nature of their human “bio-sphere” have regularly been found to perform most effectively.

FitterForLife’s Purpose in working with organisations is to support them enhance their understanding and ability to influence their wellbeing and human resilience, and thereby improve enterprise performance.