Wellbeing strategy development for a national Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

Wellbeing strategy development for a national Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

A team of Fitter For Life associates worked with a national NGO to develop its wellbeing strategy after the organisation was formed by the merger of two predecessor bodies. We worked in partnership with our sponsors, the client’s HR Director and Head of Wellbeing.

The project included an audit of wellbeing benefits and policies across all the legacy businesses and a wellbeing survey of employees. We provided coaching support and advice to the Head of Wellbeing who was new to the role and inexperienced in merger integrations.

The survey provided bespoke individual feedback to employees and advice on where to find suitable wellbeing support. Organisational reporting of the survey results allowed the identification of ‘hotspots’ where specific wellbeing issues, such as mental health concerns and poor internal relationships, were more prevalent. This allowed the organisation to take targeted action, including up-skilling line managers to be able to guide their colleagues to sources of wellbeing support.

The audit of policy and practice looked at uptake and return on investment (ROI of the merging NGOs’ existing wellbeing programmes, and their likely impact on the merged employer brand. Recommendations included rationalisation of existing Employee Assistance Programmes and Occupational Health provisions to deliver cost savings, efficiency improvements and improved ROI. Other recommendations included alignment of staffing and associated wellbeing policies and communications and training initiatives to support line managers and staff’s understanding of the merged organisation’s objectives, values, evolving culture and people management policies. We have continued to support the Head of Wellbeing in implementing the adopted changes.

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