Organisation Redesign and Culture Change

Organisation Redesign and Culture Change

Among the many organisational design and development programmes our practitioners have led and guided, culture definition and its on-going development is an important factor in enhancing the success of a client enterprise.

For many executives being explicit about culture, behaviours and wellbeing can be an unknown experience. Guidance and mentoring in preparing leaders to be open and explicit about  behaviours their organisation encourages for future success and supportive of staff’s personal wellbeing is sensitive work.

Evolving an organisation’s culture and people’s personal behaviours takes time, patience and empathy, requiring senior executives to act as role models of required  behaviours. Organisational systems and procedures clearly should support and reinforce, not be a barrier to, the behaviours being evolved.

Our work has seen us, over four decades, work with clients across many geographies and sectors to adopt, evolve and inculcate changing behaviours to support organisational performance, wellbeing and results.

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