Immune Strengthening

Mayo Clinic video on the benefits of exercise for the immune system.

Health Benefits of Physical Exercise – evidence

The primary purpose of this narrative review was to evaluate the current literature and to provide further insight into the role physical inactivity plays in the development of chronic disease and premature death.

Physiological decline during ageing

Summary of information from Roy Shepherd, University of Toronto on physiological capability and exercising impact throughout our lives. Dated 1998, some data will be out-dated, but still of some general interest.

Standing on Shoulders

An aspect of some “modern” compared with more traditional societies is the lesser appreciation of people who have “gone before”. Partly this is due to the speed of activity and change in modern life. Inherent in modern society and its economic systems is new knowledge, novel ideas and “new , improved whatever”.


As Western societies continue to age we will hear increasingly of healthspan.