Our Partners

Fitter For Life is a highly collaborative organisation.

We Partner with outstanding Preventative Healthcare professionals to provide leading service capability and performance.

Anfinsen Executive Health and Performance (anfinsen.co.uk): AEHP works with executive and executive teams to support their on-going wellbeing and capability to deliver.

CareerWell  (https://careerwell.co.uk): Works with organisations going through change and focuses on supporting their people with Career Transition, Coaching and Workplace Health & Wellbeing. We work together to design employee wellbeing initiatives. These include “New Retirees” and “Returning to Work”.

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KAYA (kayawellbeingindex.com): KAYA works with us to provide tailored data to inform the organisational, health and wellbeing development opportunities and priorities for organisations and their individual and teams of employees.

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Oakman Nutrition and Fitness (myoakman.com): Oakman works with Fitter For Life in the areas of Nutrition and Physical Activity. Oakman combines expertise in both Nutrition and Fitness that will help clients meet and even exceed their personal wellbeing goals.

 WeTalkWellbeing – WTW – (wetalkwellbeing.com): WTW work with FitterForLife in strengthening organisational and employee resilience, as well as training Wellbeing and Human Resources function staff in developing organisational wellbeing.

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Partnerships In Development

We are continuously seeking to extend the service value we are able to add for clients by working in collaboration with leading healthcare people. 

We expect shortly to include in our services:

Mental Health support – in partnership with a leading Employee Assistance Programme

Post-graduate Preventative Healthcare Education

Public sector preventative healthcare initiative