Colin Tuckwell

Leads on Health Improvers and Younger & Stronger.

My journey into preventative healthcare continues to astound and delight me.

It offers variety, new learning and challenges, with continuing, guaranteed and higher than expected rewards. As well as creating new friendships with diverse and very interesting people.

Those who know me well, know I like to interrogate accepted wisdom. Preventative healthcare is a massive field for doing just that.

Unless we are elite athletes we can all be more healthy, stronger, more flexible and more zestful. Living more interesting lives. Living longer and with better health.

Sharing knowledge and practical experience with other people achieving health and wellbeing improvements beyond their dreams creates a big buzz in groups of people on their own wellbeing improvement journeys.

My own purposeful wellbeing trajectory started with health constraints and self-directed learning during recovery, which was guided by some highly talented, progressive healthcare professionals. I decided to study and qualify as a personal trainer as I’ve nearly always found life pretty good fun. I wanted to learn how to keep it that way for as long as possible.

I could not have guessed, as a student-pensioner, what level of further fitness and strength I could achieve and continue to achieve through my own training activities. That training has been “off the scale” in terms of benefits and value.

That motivated me to study preventative healthcare further, to work with clients with different initial health statuses. Combining my new knowledge and skills with my long-standing experience in guiding and developing a wide-range of organisations and their executives’ capabilities, I have been developing preventative healthcare initiatives for seven years now.

Knowing that we can all make major and abiding health improvements beyond what is widely known, has led me to bring together in this latest venture a growing team of outstanding preventative healthcare professionals. Together we will offer a distinct, highly personal, enjoyable and progressive wellbeing service, giving clients the guidance and support to enable them to achieve for themselves health improvements they would not dream.

In addition to leading our courses on Health Improvers and Younger & Strong Colin also coaches on Diabetes & Musculo-skeletal.