About Fitter for Life

Fitter For Life is a collaborative organisation offering all clients the opportunity to progressively and enduringly improve their current level of wellbeing in a community-based, warm and friendly environment.

Our services cover and combine nutrition, physical activity, exercising, recovery and rehabilitation, social contact and learning related to health and wellbeing improvement and its lifelong retention.

Our clients look to us for support, guidance and encouragement in understanding and realising the enduring wellbeing benefits that are available to everybody, whatever their current health status, objectives and level of knowledge.

Our coaches are outstanding preventive healthcare professionals with many years experience in supporting and encouraging people to achieve life-long improvements to their health, happiness, lifespan, healthspan and range of activities and interests.

We work with individual clients, groups of people with goals and affinities in common, and members and staff of organisations who engage us in their staff welfare activities.

Our collaborations include working with other organisations, including healthcare organisations, to extend the reach of our respective services. These collaborations are always dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives.