About Us

Fitter For Life is a collaborative organisation offering innovative wellbeing, resilience and health strengthening services to organisations, their employees, individuals, groups and communities.

We started our business to bring together leading preventative healthcare professionals to provide services for the large number / majority of people and organisations in society that need informed guidance and support to progressively and permanently improve, extend and influence their wellbeing, health and resilience.

For employees, individuals and groups of people our services combine physical activity, nutrition, exercising, resting, recovery and rehabilitation, social contact and learning related to health, resilience and wellbeing improvement and its lifelong benefits and retention.

For organisations our services cover guidance in understanding their enterprise as an environment which impacts people’s health, wellbeing and its consequences for organisational performance; designing and guiding changes that achieve lasting improvements to both employees’ and the organisation’s wellbeing, resilience and performance; training and guiding clients’ staff in developing an organisation’s wellbeing environment and its support activities.