Strengthening Resilience

Lengthening Healthspans

We support organisations and individuals to improve their wellbeing, resilience and energy levels by sharing and developing knowledge, understanding, self-confidence, conditioning & wellbeing self-reliance.

Responding Together

Partnering with clients as guide, coach and trusted advisor our purpose is to support organisations and individuals to improve their wellbeing, resilience and potential for future achievement in today’s frenetic world. Our tailored interventions respond to the circumstances of our clients’ environment and their goals.

For individuals these goals are often personal. For organisations people management, business development and ROI benchmarks are important influences.

When working with clients we are able to support organisational, cultural and employee development; and guide & support employees’ and individuals’ permanent wellbeing enhancement.

Improving Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Increasing and cumulative change and uncertainty place growing demands and stressors on all employees, at work and into their private lives. 

Modern lifestyles see many of us on a trajectory towards chronic illness and disease. That is a pathway that can be readily avoided. With confidence.

Some Indicators of the level of current health issues in our midst: 

1:4 people dealing with mental health issues; 

Musculo-skeletal issues = 17.5 % of lost days each year / 1 in 4 have chronic pain; 

1 in 2 face some level of burn out. 

Resilience Strengthening

Organisations, Teams, Leaders and Employees face unprecedented demands from the pace and uncertainty of change. Success in today’s world requires strong capability, adaptability, resilience and wellbeing for both the organisation and its people.

With empathetic support and guidance everybody, whatever age, and nature of personal interests, can make permanent improvements to their health, energy levels and resilience.

Cost Reduction, Organisational Effectiveness, ROI

On average an employee loses 38 working days per year (source: Vitality annual study) due to ill-health related absence and presenteeism. The organisational environment will contribute to both the cause and evolution of these costs.

Return on investment (ROI) for wellbeing corporate improvements vary widely, studies suggesting between 150% to 1000%, World Health Organisation indicates an average of 300-400%. 

Even the lower figures suggest it is essential information of which to be aware.

Improving Workforce Productivity

Organisational and employee resilience strengthening and wellbeing improvements facilitate strong productivity improvements, a strengthened employer brand and future-proofed, more engaged employees relationships.